Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I3MS website is born!

As part of the Informal Iberian and Italian Medieval Seminar, from now on I3MS, a blog has been created where current and future medievalists - or just people interested in the Middle Ages - can easily keep track of the activities organised by the seminar. A newsletter and a RSS feed are provided, so that following I3MS does not require visiting its website, although this is highly recommended. You can subscribe and join the site by clicking on the corresponding links in the right column, directly under the picture.

I3MS encourages the application of new technologies to the study of the Middle Ages, as well as the sharing of information on a global scale: the blog thus plays an essential role for the seminar. Its website aspires to become a record of I3MS history as well as a useful resource for current and future researchers where medievalists can share information.
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